Artist of the Month

The work of our Artists of the Month are featured in our second floor gallery.

  • February 2020: Jeff Clay

    Trained in the sciences and having worked professionally in the information technology field, Jeff Clay is a photographer that has been creating images for almost four decades. He has always loved the twin pursuits of exploring and discovery, whether they are in the natural or built landscapes. Both are now closely linked to his photographic workflows and creations. In the field, he controls the subject matter and composition. Working later in his digital darkroom, he creates the image his imagination wills. Reflecting his many different personal interests – from science to history, architecture to music, travel, culture and literature -- his photographic techniques and subjects are also diverse. Dusty mediaeval villages and pastoral peoples; modern highrises buildings juxtapositioned with ancient streets; the remote valleys and canyons of the Colorado Plateau; the vibrant and fast-changing places and peoples of South Asia; the stars above and the fields below … these and more are all parts of the varied canvas that Jeff photographs. Since starting Clayhaus Photography in 2008, Jeff has had numerous solo shows as well as participated in many group shows. He is currently exhibiting his work at the Local Colors of Utah Gallery (where he is also a board member) and can be found online at

    February 2020: Jeff Clay