JCC Muttberships

Your dog can now be a member of the JCC! We're so proud of this community, we want our dogs and yours to be able to enjoy it too!

With your dog's membership(or 'Muttbership'), there will be an activity for your dog every month. Each Muttbership is $45 for the first pup, and $5 for each additional doggie. Please

Your JCC Muttbership includes the following events over this Fall and Winter:

  • Play catch & Frisbee with your dog on the JCC lawn - (NEW TIME:) Sunday, October 15, from 2 - 4 PM 
  • Pet Psychic lecture - November 16, at 6 PM
  • Dog Psychic readings - November 17, at 9 AM
  • Pet vendors at the Hanukkah Market - December 3, at 12 PM
  • Play with your dog in the snow at the JCC - January 14 from 2 - 4 PM
  • Make organic dog treats for your dog - February - TBA

Please be sure to fill out our docDog Release Form and provide docxproof of vaccinations, and return them via email or bring them in before participating in a 'Muttbership' event.

Purchase a JCC Muttbership