My Heart Challenge

Thirteen individuals, representing 13 nonprofit organizations in Salt Lake County, are competing in the 2017 My Heart Challenge: Nonprofit Edition. Their goal: improve their heart health (and win a $1,000 donation to their nonprofit organization)!

The annual challenge consists of 100 days of content to help participants strengthen their hearts by improving their lifestyle and reducing their risk of developing heart disease. Throughout the My Heart Challenge, the participants will receive coaching and counseling from cardiac experts at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute - including exercise specialists, dietitians, and heart experts - to help them make positive, long-lasting healthy changes to their lives. They'll also go through health assessments and testing at the beginning and end of the challenge to measure their accomplishments. - From

The J's own Karla Pardini is leading all of the J's Staff in participating in the challenge - watch here for updates and blog posts as we progress through the 100-day period, and cheer us on via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #MyHeartChallenge!

Check out KUTV's story about the challenge, featuring Karla, right here.

Karla's Blog

November 21 - One nice little bonus from this challenge is that I'm trying all sorts of new things - like Pilates!  -KP
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October 25 - Here's my interview with Fox 13 from October 16:

Karla at weigh in breakfastOctober 11 - When I found out I could represent the JCC and participate in the 100 Day Challenge sponsored by Intermountain Medical Center including other non-profits in the Salt Lake City community I was very excited. First of all I was thrilled about all the vital medical testing that I would receive. I started off the challenge by getting a stress test, blood tests, urinalysis, height, weight, waist and blood pressure measurements, body fat percentage, 3D images that assessed my flexibility and strength, and all the results of those tests to help me determine what I personally needed to work on. I have also continued to get consistent nutrition counseling, sample menus, a healthy grocery tour with a dietician and a class on medicines and supplements that will help me stay healthy. They have provided the JCC with a workplace wellness and environmental consultation that gave us ideas of how to improve our wellness for staff at the JCC. This 100 Day Challenge was a big undertaking, but seemed like it would really be worth it if I could tackle it!

I decided to not be the only one at the JCC having all this fun. I enlisted staff to join me, some enthusiastically and some reluctantly. They are on their own 100 Day Challenge setting goals, drinking water, exercising, participating in wellness activities and opportunities for health at the JCC. We have had lots of extras to keep us healthy like, big jugs of iced water to partake from, healthy recipes to take home and try, hands on practice and advice from our Health and Fitness team at the JCC of how to do a 7 minute strengthening workout that they can put on their phones. We continue to keep the enthusiasm high, we have desk exercises to learn, flu shots to get, changes in our bodies yet to see!

I’m not a doctor, or a health nut – I’m just a 63 year old woman trying to stay healthy and active. I am passionate about the importance of healthy hearts. I dedicate this experience to my late husband Victor Pardini who died of complications due to a heart transplant. I know all too well the complications of an unhealthy heart! Stay tuned to my progress, as well as the progress of the JCC staff. I may even give you a healthy recipe or a tip on how to fit in a little exercise each day. Here’s to good health! - KP