Upcoming Jewish Holidays

Happy Purim!

Purim begins the evening of March 11, 2017 with the reading of the Megillah, a scroll containing the Book of Esther.

Esther, the favorite wife of the King of Persia, saved the Jews from getting massacred by the evil Haman. Haman hated the Jews and convinced King Ahasuerus to kill them. Esther approached the King, at great peril, and convinced him to call off the massacre and kill Haman instead. Read the full story here.

Did you know:

  • Hamentaschen, the triangle shaped cookie, means Haman’s pockets.
  • You can make as much noise as you like during the retelling of the story of Purim.
  • You are commanded to eat and drink!
  • It is customary to give gifts of food to friends and neighbors.
  • Giving to charity is a year-round obligation, but is a special Mitzvah (good deed) on Purim.
  • Cross-dressing is encouraged!

How can my family join in the Purim celebration at the JCC?

  1. Come to the Shalom Market Friday, March 10 from 8AM - 6PM.
  2. Hamentaschen will be for sale at the Shalom Market on March 10, 8 AM - 12 PM.
  3. Join us for the Purim Parade at 9:30 AM and the Purim Play (featuring the ECC staff) at 9:45 AM.


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