Virtual Presentation

Spirit of Hight Places


Wednesday, February 17, 7 – 8 PM via Zoom - FREE

This virtual presentation will take you on a photographic odyssey through many of the world’s greatest mountain ranges, and explores the ways that human beings have related to these landscape throughout history. These are enduring stories of meaning and purpose, of people’s aspirations and their sense of what is sacred. Jonathan Duncan has spent over twenty years exploring and documenting the world’s high and wild places. His journeys have taken him throughout the Himalayas, to the Patagonian Andes, the Alaska Range, Antarctica, and the Buddhist mountains of China and Tibet. Jonathan serves as the adjunct professor of Adventure Media & Photography at Westminster College, and teaches courses on the Sacred Mountains of the World and Himalayan Geography through the Osher Institute at the University of Utah. He recently released a new photographic ebook—"The Spirit of High Places".


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