Beach Body Challenge

Challenge yourself to get into the best beach body shape this year!

The Beach Body Program is a built for anyone, from working professionals and busy parents, to college students or fitness enthusiasts; anyone interested in creating a healthy lifestyle and getting into the best shape of their lives. This program is built with beginners in mind, so don’t worry if you haven’t trained before! The nutrition guidelines are very simple and easy to follow and even includes vegetarian options! 

The Beach Body Program Includes: 

  • 8 Week Workout Plan (with workouts that can be done at home or at gym)
  • Recommended Supplements 
  • Meal Plan Example Day (with Vegetarian Options)
  • Nutrition Tips & Guidelines 
  • A Complete Grocery List
  • Tips for Eating Out
  • Tips to Avoid Bloating
  • Tips on How to Track Your Progress Most Effectively
  • Skin Care Tips & Tricks
  • Tanning Tips & Safety
  • How to Choose the Perfect Suit for Your Body
  • How to Stay Motivated

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