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Personal Training
Looking for personalized results AND motivation? Whether you're looking for sport-specific training, overall fitness, weight loss, or even injury rehabilitation, we have a personal training option for you. Our highly trained and qualified instructors can help you achieve results and take your workout to the next level. JCC personal trainers help you establish fitness goals by creating a program geared to your fitness level, needs, and schedule. Individual and group rates are available.

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Personal Training Rates

(Member/Public pricing)

Level 1 PFT
Ethan Burbidge
Vera Pagan
Peter MacGregor

 1 Private Session  $65/$81
 6 Private Session $375/$469
12 Private Sessions $720/$900

 1 Partner Session  $40/$50 (per person)
 6 Partner Sessions $225/$282 (per person)
12 Partner Sessions $420/$525 (per person)

Level 2 PFT

 1 Private Session  $70/$88
 6 Private Sessions $405/$506
12 Private Sessions $780/$975        

 1 Partner Session  $45/$57 (per person)
 6 Partner Sessions $255/$319 (per person)
12 Partner Sessions $480/$600 (per person)

Level 3 PFT
Allison Beatty, Tal Gordon, John Hayes, Stephen Hill, Libba Shannonhouse, Jordan Weidle
 1 Private Session  $75/$94
 6 Private Sessions $435/$545
12 Private Sessions $840/$1050

 1 Partner Session  $50/$63 (per person)
 6 Partner Sessions $285/$357 (per person)
12 Partner Sessions $540/$675 (per person)



Meet our Team of Personal Trainers

Allison Beatty
With a degree in human biology, dual MBA and MPH, and as a multi-sport athlete, Allison loves introducing people to strength training. Her emphasis on safe-lifting and movement techniques helps people of all ages and backgrounds feel at home in what can sometimes feel like an intimidating environment. She also enjoys designing programs for experienced athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.

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Ethan Burbidge
With an NASM certification and a true passion for strength training, Ethan helps his clients get stronger and move better, so they can handle the demands of life with greater confidence. Using proven methods and simple principles of training, Ethan can meet you where you are and help you progress to a healthier and stronger you. 

Tal Gordon
Tal has been in the Health and Fitness world for many years. Originally working as a Professional Trainer, Tal stepped away to work at Westminster College but continued teaching F45 classes in his spare time.  Tal rejoined his love of Professional Training at the JCC in 2022 where he trains and teaches Small Group courses in TRX and Kettlebell. Tal is NESTA certified and holds a Master of Science degree.

John Hayes
With 10 years of training experience, John helps those he works with establish a solid foundation of health. As a movement specialist, he helps his clients overcome physical and mental barriers by harmonizing flexibility, mobility, and strength to ensure sustainable results. John is a passionate proponent of resistance training due to its massive carry over to all facets of health. His clients feel empowered as they become stronger versions of themselves, For the average person with a busy schedule, his programming provide the most “bang for the buck” results than any form of exercise.    


Stephen Hill
Stephen was a geologist in his previous career, working for over a decade with an engineering firm.  After experiencing stress-related weight gain and health problems, he returned to school in 2020 to earn a degree in kinesiology/exercise science. He was motivated by a desire to both learn how to improve his health and to pursue a career in which he would be able to better serve the community.  As a personal trainer, Stephen has experience working with people of all ages and abilities and is passionate about helping clients along their journeys towards improved physical and mental health.

Vera Pagan
A big-life event prompted a huge career shift for Vera in 2019 when she decided to devote her energy and passion into helping others change their lives through fitness. She is committed to seeing your results. Through establishing a solid foundation, Vera believes that people can build their bodies better than they were yesterday, and in turn strengthen the way they show up in all aspects of their lives.  Vera is an ISSA Certified Trainer and is certified in multiple Group Fitness formats

Libba Shannonhouse
 Libba specializes in exercise training and prescription for health, wellness, weight loss, injury prevention and rehab, and performance. She has worked as an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer since 1992, has been with the JCC since 2005, and has worked with rehab and wellness for over 20 years. Libba has trained athletes from the junior level up through Olympic and Paralympic athletes. She focuses on exercise programs to optimize overall health and wellness, cardiovascular fitness, performance, and stability.

Jordan Weidle
 Jordan Weidle has over 10 years of experience working as a personal trainer and as a sports conditioning coach. He works with a wide range of clients from youth to older adults with goals ranging from weight loss and general fitness to increase performance and injury prevention. He received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from The University of Utah with a minor in nutrition and dietary supplements.  Jordan is currently finishing his master’s degree in sport conditioning and performance. Along with Professional Training, Jordan teaches a variety of Group and Small Group Fitness classes at the JCC.



Personal Training can aid in:

  • Weight loss
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Cardiovascular stamina
  • Overall wellness 


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