Ride Louder

Live Virtual classes with the Ride Louder Instructing team:

Monday and Friday from 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM.

Register for Ride Louder Here

Bike Rental registration coming soon to those who register for Ride Louder

We are thrilled to host our 7th season of Ride Louder here at the JCC!

This 20-week program designed and executed by professional cyclist Jeff Louder, and his coaching Team, provides registered athletes a fun, inclusive, and progressive environment during the winter months, whether for cycling specifically, general health, or other sports focus.

As Jeff shares,

“I’ve tailored this program to work for athletes of any ability that are interested in building fitness through cycling. By using personalized training zones based on power and heart rate, we are able to coach a large number in a group environment while meeting the specific physiological needs of each athlete. Whether you join one of my live classes or ride with one of my coaches, you can improve technique on the bike, increase power output, and simply connect with our like-minded community.”

This is a great opportunity to access Jeff’s specific training philosophy without the commitment of personal training, on your schedule, from wherever you can get on a bike. Anyone with an indoor bike or trainer will get a lot from this Program. The ideal setup is to use a system that reads power and cadence, but one can follow along with simply a heart rate monitor as well.


As we launch the 2021-22 Ride Louder winter season, we will begin virtually. Classes will be recorded live in the early morning, and then made accessible through Jeff’s website to follow along whenever is convenient for Ride Louder registered participants.

The JCC will once again offer a Bike Rental Program of the power-based Keiser m3i indoor cycling bike, to Ride Louder participants only, who are interested in having a bike at home or on location. With limited stock, rentals will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis and will become available to rent through the online Program Registration process. The Ride Louder registered athlete will be prompted to select the Rental option as bikes are still available. 


To those who shared feedback in our Ride Louder Survey with interest or preference in a Live On-site Program offering, like our pre-pandemic days, we hear you! We hope to offer this environment as we watch the community impact, consult trusted experts and move through this challenging time.

Until then, let’s ride virtually, with on-site riding options!!


All Ride Louder participants may use a Keiser m3i bike on-site by reserving a bike through the Mind-Body app at various timeslots soon to be finalized. Bikes will be available as follows:

  • On the Outdoor Patio to ride without a mask using personal technology to follow the live or recorded virtual ride
  • In the North Gym to ride with a mask using personal technology to follow the live or recorded virtual ride
  • Once the renovation of the new JCC Indoor Ride Room is completed, a system will be formalized to use this room for rides. More information to come here…


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