Sports & Recreation

Our state-of-the-art facility allows members to enjoy all types of sports & recreational activities. From basketball, lap swimming, and pickleball, to enjoying calming walks around the track, we've got you covered!

Lap Swimming

Swimming is beneficial in many ways. It keeps you fit, and safe and improves mental health. Whether you are trying to enter a competition or simply want to improve your skills, lap swimming is very effective.

JCC Swim Team

The JCC Swim Team is a great place for beginning swim teamers and advanced swimmers alike to focus on technique, endurance, personal improvement, and competition.

Click HERE for more info about our swim team.

UTLT Basketball

Utah Top Level Training (UTLT) takes a player’s game to the next level. Its mission is to help players build confidence, develop a work ethic and learn proper fundamentals.UTLT practices a balanced approach with proper footwork in all areas, including dribbling, shooting, defense, and overall player production. Whether beginner or highly competitive, UTLT works with players of ALL skill levels to advance their talents through personalized, intense workout sessions.


Whether you are socializing with your doubles partner, your opponents, or those playing on other courts, pickleball is downright fun – and laughter is bound to happen. Come check out Pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in the United States. A combination of tennis, badminton, and paddleball, it is played on a smaller version of a tennis court, with graphite paddles and a whiffle ball.

Reservations are available Tuesday and Thursday 11 AM - 1 PM and Saturday and Sunday  9 AM - 11 AM. Each time slot will have one reservation only. One person can make a reservation of 2-4 people to play.