Camp K'Ton Ton

Let's start with the name: K'Ton Ton is Hebrew for "little one." Summer camps have been part of JCCs across the country for decades and our center is no exception. We split our summer camp program into the traditional Bernie Camp for older kids and Camp K'Ton Ton for preschoolers and children about to enter their kindergarten year. Because our focus is on young children, Camp K'Ton Ton is located in our Early Childhood Center (preschool & kindergarten during the school year).

At Camp K'Ton Ton we aim to enrich the lives of children by building friendships, fostering discovery and, most of all, having summertime fun! Summer at the JCC represents a change of pace and is designed to reinforce, enhance and broaden learning experiences for children.

Though camp classrooms are in the ECC, don't worry, campers will have plenty of chances to explore the entire Jewish Community Center — from rock climbing to swimming, from art to dancing, and plenty more.

Registration for summer camp is separate from registration for the school year.

This Year's Camp Theme Is Chai חי

Chai (חי) is the Hebrew word for life. The word, consisting of two Hebrew letters —chet (ח) and yud (י)— is a Jewish symbol. Chai also refers to the number 18. That’s because each Hebrew letter has a numerical equivalent, and the sum of chet (numerical value of 8) and yud (numerical value of 10) is 18. Because of its connection to the word for life, the number 18 is considered a special number in Jewish tradition.

In Hebrew, chai is often referred to in the plural form, chaim (חיים), hence the toast l’chaim (לחיים) which means “to life.”

This summer we'll be living the Camp K'ton Ton life! 

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