Babysitting Safety Class

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Super Sitter Babysitting Safety Class
Thursday, May 18 | 4:30-6 PM


This class is geared towards children ages 10 - 15 who are considering babysitting or taking care of younger siblings. The class will be held at the Eccles Center at Primary Children's Hospital. Children attending this class should be dropped off at the JCC. The JCC will provide transportation to and from the class.

The class will cover:
* Hands-on emergency training for a choking infant or child
* Hands-on emergency training on how to perform basic infant/child CPR (not a certification)
* How to plan safe, fun, age-appropriate activities
* How to feed, burp, and diaper an infant
* How to calm a crying infant
* What items to include in a babysitting kit
*Access to online Super Sitter Resources

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