Day Camps

We know there are plenty of days off in your child's school schedule that don't line up with a typical work schedule. Often, taking a day off work just isn't an easy option. With that in mind, we offer a number of Day Camps throughout the school year, and each day camp is open to everyone.

These day camps truly give kids a break from school. We fill their days with games, art, sports and field trips. 


JCC member / Club J participant - $35
JCC member / non-Club J participant - $50
Public / Club J participant - $50
Public / Non-Club J participant - $75

General Info

  • Camps run: 8:30 AM – 6 PM
  • Ages: Kindergarten to 7th grade

Club J Day Camps 2019 - 2020

Day Camp and School District details:

  • Feb 17 Both Districts
  • Mar 6 Salt Lake District
  • Mar 19 Granite District
  • Mar 20 Granite District
  • Mar 23 Granite District
  • Apr 24 Salt Lake District

Register for All Day Camps!

Questions? Contact Jerrad Strand at  or 801-581-0098 ext 116

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